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Need For Speed: No Limits was produced by Firemonkeys and released by a giant in the world of games – EA. The game stylistically resembles old versions of NFS series games. It must be admitted that the producers have focused entirely on the mobile games market and have created a very easy to use game which in the case of phones is a big plus.
Racing lasts a maximum of one minute and driving is easy. In addition, the game offers EasyDrive mode, which allows only to overtake vehicles, we do not even have to turn.
The game is ideally suited to pass the time, allows you to play races without absorbing too much time. Driving a car is so easy that we can ride a bike while racing NFS: no limits, but we do not recommend it!


Game diagram.

As we have already mentioned before, the producers focused on simplicity. The whole game involves taking part in next races and gradually improving the car which is necessary to win them. The game also features drifting races, which is very useful to use “nitro”.
Sometimes the police will start chasing us, but getting rid of them is very simple.

Payment in the game.

Since this is a free game to download from google play, the manufacturer has created a micropayment option. If we want to improve our car faster, we will have to spend real cash. However, playing systematically and winning subsequent races, we collect enough virtual cash which will allow us to improve our car. If we are fans of visual tuning, here the producers of the game have left us with a lot of possibilities. Changes in the appearance of cars are free

In summary, the game is a very good option to pass the time. If we are waiting for a colleague, in a doctor’s waiting room or on the school corridor, this fast race will give us a lot of pleasure. However, if we want to play Need For Speed: No limits continuously and look for the plot in this game, we will quickly get bored.

easy control
the game does not force us to spend money
no plot

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